Battery Jump Start

Battery Jump Start

Battery Jump Start

Batteries tend to cause problems at the most inconvenient time of the day. The specialists at 247 Tow Truck can make sure that you’ll never be stranded for long with a simple battery issue. We can provide you with a reliable battery jump start or replace your battery with a new one on site. You can feel confident about getting back on the road soon when you call us for assistance. The specialists who work for 247 Tow Truck have the equipment that they need to get your battery an adrenaline shot it needs.


Why Batteries Go Bad

Batteries lose integrity for a number of reasons, which is why your need for a jump will be when you least expect it. One of the most common reasons for dead batteries is old age. Drivers should change their batteries at least once every three to five years to ensure proper operation. Another reason that causes the battery to lose its integrity is corrosion which accumulates over the years. Harmful liquids such as antifreeze could also cause damage. Poor terminal connections and rusty wire connections can cause problems as well.

How to Jump Start a Car Battery - Roadside Assistance

Quality emergency jump-starting varies depending on what caused the battery to lose power. Old-fashioned jumper cables can do the trick most of the time. Small battery jumper boxes can help too, but they don’t always work because they don’t pack enough punch of power. The statistics for successful jumps are high so you should feel confident about this procedure. You should never have to be stranded for long and wonder if you will ever make it to your destination. 247 Tow Truck personnel have you covered.


Roadside Assistance Can Help

Battery issues can complicate the problems in your life, but emergency assistance can combat the issues and prevent them from occurring. For example, many people are late for work because of dead batteries. Some people miss doctor’s appointments, dates, and God forbid, anniversary dinner. Having a reliable service provider can help you make it to your destination. A typical jump takes less than two minutes once the driver gets to you.

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