Off Road Recovery

Off Road Recovery

Off Road Recovery

The unfortunate circumstances of getting stuck on the road does exist. Whether it’s a ditch, mud, sand or snow, we have a professional standing by with the proper equipment to recover your vehicle.

Winch out service involves using a hauling device consisting of a rope or cable winding around a horizontal rotating drum, turned by motor which is collectively attached to a durable truck. This service should only be performed by knowledgeable professionals equipped with the proper tools in order to recover your vehicle safely and cause no unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

Winching vs. Recovery:

While both words may seem similar, they are two different services. Winch out services are used to pull vehicles out of unstable terrain like mud, water, sand or snow. Recovery occurs when the vehicle is not in a place or position of easy access. A simple winch cable wouldn't be enough to complete a successful recovery. Specialized tools, trucks or equipment may be needed, while in a winch-out situation, a good winch cable in adroit hands can be more than sufficient.

If you are in doubt whether if you need a recovery or a winch-out, call 247 Tow Truck. After a few questions, we'll know exactly what you need and put your mind at ease. We will just need basic information about your location and motivated professionals will be on their way.

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